Infinitus Tax Service

As all of you may aware, it has become increasingly difficult for our local SMEs to keep abreast with all available tax opportunities and items require extra attention, with the current ever-changing tax developments and continuous growth of business. When you have no clarity on the obligations and rights as a taxpayer, and making the incorrect assumptions / business decisions may affect the companies’ tax position in long run.

In Infinitus, we are committed to providing you with value-added and client focused services to help resolve your tax concerns and honour to be part of your Business Partner. We are committed to assist you in complying with relevant tax filing requirements and more importantly, to be able to provide strategic planning on how to ensure your companies are paying taxes effectively and efficiently.

Whether you are an individual or a corporation, a well-established business or a growing operation, we are committed to offer you a multitude of domestic and international tax support. At the same time, we advise clients on management of critical tax issues arising from business given our understanding of technical issues and compliance.

Our expertise includes:-

  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Consultancy & Advisory (including merger & acquisition exercise, appeal to tax authorities, etc)
  • Tax Audit & Investigations
  • Application for Tax Clearance (for companies under liquidation, winding up, individuals, etc)
  • Capital Allowance Maximization
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax Incentives Application
  • Indirect Taxes (such as Sales & Service Tax, Goods and Services Tax)
  • Global Mobility (covering expatriate / employee tax affairs)